Manufacture of Fire Hose Cabinets & Firefighting Equipment Stations

ACON Firefighting Equipment Ltd. is a pioneering Industrial Company active in the manufacture / production of the metal parts of Fire protection equipment, in line with the Clients’ qualitative / quantitative requirements and specifications.

We offer flexibility and adaptability mainly thanks to our integrated production structure and our experienced personnel, allowing us to promptly respond to any (large or small) quantities required by our Clients, at a high quality and cost-effectively.

Unlimited range

Our wide range of products includes the production of Fire Hose Cabinets, equipped with fire hose pipes in line with EN 671-1, with axial supply and semi-flexible pipework of constant cross-section diameter of ¾”, 1” or 2” or in line with ΕΝ 671-2, with a fabric -trevira type- fire hose, flat type with a cross-section diameter of 1 ¾” or 2 1/2”, as well as products for specialist applications and technical specifications, such as Road Tunnel Emergency Cabinets, with water – firefighting foam, IP65 certified, arrangements for the volumetric testing of CO2 fire suppression cylinders under continuous weighing etc.

We produce metal Cabinets for Active Fire Protection applications and products using as a primary material: DKP flat steel sheets, Galvanised, Stainless Steel ANSI 304, 316, 440, 404, 0,5mm up to 3 mm wide. We put a significant effort to ensure perfect final finish of our products and anti-corrosion protection. The process of hot-galvanising and application of electrostatic paint to the final products ensure excellent durability and appearance.