Manufacture of Fire Hose Cabinets & Firefighting Equipment Stations

ACON is a pioneering Industrial Company manufacturing high-quality and good design cabinets for a variety of fire protection applications.

Installation, Maintenance & Recharge of Automatic Fire Extinguishing systems

ACON owns a Station for the initial charging and recharging of automatic fire suppression systems FM-200 & NOVEC and of CO2 fire suppression systems, Inergen® and ARGONITE®.

ANSUL A-101/LVS Fixed Fire Extinguishing Systems

ACON Firefighting Equipment, as the sole representative of ANSUL in Greece, specifies, designs, installs and maintains local fire extinguishing systems, specially designed for heavy-duty vehicles and use in adverse conditions, such as mines, quarries as well as any vehicle used in earthworks.

Specialist Fire Protection Applications

ACON has the capacity for an integrated manufacture / production of the metal part of Fire protection equipment. It has extensive state-of-the-art mechanical equipment and experienced personnel, allowing our prompt response to Clients, with high quality and cost-effectively.

Pressurised Equipment Testing Centre – Re-inspection of D.O.T. Suppression Systems Cylinders

State-of-the-art Testing Centre for pressurised equipment and portable equipment up to 450lt, with a testing capacity up to 750 bars as part of the maintenance of fire extinguishing equipment. Volumetric hydraulic testing of cylinders not aligned with European Standards (DOT), to ensure compliance where required.

Certified Recovery – Clearance – Recycling – Recharge of FM200 and NOVEC

Recovery, recycling and storage of FM-200 (HFC227ea), clearance through a molecular filters’ arrangement, separation and removal of propellant gas (nitrogen) from the fire extinguishing material, for further laboratory testing.