Fixed Fire Suppression Systems ANSUL A-101/LVS

Acon Fire Fighting Equipment, as the sole representative of Ansul in Greece, specifies, designs, installs and maintains local fire extinguishing equipment, especially designed for heavy-duty vehicles and use in adverse conditions, such as in mines, quarries, as well as any vehicle used in earthworks.

The Ansul A-101 and Ansul LVS systems, are an Industry standard solution for the protection of equipment and its operators from fire. Using either dry powder (A-101) or a foam-blowing mix (LVS) or a combination of both, the Ansul systems are capable of suppressing fires caused by engines overheating, potential oil leak at high temperature or pressure, or electrical fires in equipment circuits.

Acon, in partnership with Ansul and with its highly trained personnel, can carry out the maintenance and full commissioning into operation of older systems for any type of vehicle fleet, using a specially designed mobile unit that can get to any location across Greece and meet the needs of the most demanding installations.