Pressurised Equipment Testing Centre – Re-inspection of Cylinder types

In the ACON’s facilities within the Industrial zone of Oinofyta, we operate a Testing Centre for pressurised equipment, supporting the maintenance of fixed Fire extinguishing systems as well as portable pressurised systems, undertaking hydraulic cylinder tests (up to 450lt) under a pressure of up to 750 bar (for security reasons, the network is designed to withstand operating pressures of up to 1000 bar).

The operation and processes of the Testing Centre have been approved by the relevant Ministry and are certified by the internationally recognized audit organization MIRTEC S.A. (Materials Industrial Research & Technology Center), allowing us, through volumetric hydraulic tests, to undertake re-testing of cylinders that are not aligned with European Standards (e.g. DOT) so as to ensure compliance, where required.


The Testing Centre’s state-of-the-art equipment, includes a high-pressure pneumatic pump and a series of calibrated manometers at different measuring ranges, so as to undertake tests with excellent precision, according to the test pressure required for each cylinder.

The certification of the ACON’s Testing Centre allows the Company to submit to hydraulic tests steel seamless welded cylinders, composite cylinders as well as aluminium cylinders, cylinders aligning to the ADR or not.