ACON Fire Fighting Equipment Ltd. was founded in 1997 and is a member of the ZARIFOPOULOS GROUP.

Our field of activity is the manufacture, assembly, import, supply, installation and trade, maintenance and recharging of portable and fixed fire extinguishing systems, fire extinguishing substances and materials, automatic fire suppression systems, fire hose cabinets and related fire protection products and services.

The facilities of ACON are located in the industrial zone of Oinofyta. Our range of products includes the manufacture of metal cabinets for any type of Fire Safety installation, bespoke products for Tunnel Emergency Cabinets (TEC), portable and wheel fire extinguishers, fixed automatic fire extinguishing systems, fire fighting hoses and nozzles, firefighting pump sets, foam-based fire extinguishing systems, fixed fire suppression systems etc.

For its high-quality services and products, ACON is certified according to the EN ISO 9001:2008, by MIRTEC S.A. (Materials Industrial Research & Technology Center). MIRTEC S.A. also provides us with certification as an Accredited Company for the Maintenance of Fire Extinguishing Equipment for our industrial facilities in Oinofyta, where we operate a Pressurised Equipment Testing Centre, with strict adherence to all current legislation and all related International-European and National Standards, and under continuous monitoring by MIRRTEC S.A. and the Ministry of Development. Recently, we obtained a further certification for the capacity to undertake activities as described within the EC regulation No 304/2008, for equipment containing fluorinated greenhouse gases.

Our success in the competitive Public and Private sector is due to our constant efforts for delivering projects characterised by consistency, quality and after-sales support.

Educational Workshops

In our pursuit of constant improvement of our Company, both internally as well as with regards to our relations with our Clients, we organise Workshops that include a site visit to our facilities, in order to inform the technical personnel of our partners on matters related to Fire Safety and Fire Protection, so they can be educated first-hand and be trained on the proper use of the related equipment.

Unique Certified services in Greece

Fully automatic station for recovery and storage of FM-200 (HFC227ea), clearance through a molecular filters’ arrangement, separation and nitrogen removal (operating as a propellant gas), for further laboratory testing.

Pressurised Equipment Testing Centre

In our facilities within the industrial zone of Oinofyta, we operate a Pressurised Equipment Testing Centre, supporting the maintenance of fixed Fire extinguishing equipment and generally portable equipment under pressure. In the Testing Centre, the systems cylinders are submitted to a maintenance check every decade and to hydraulic tests.


Our engineers, with their expert knowledge of technology and many years of experience, guarantee the optimal technical solutions.


All our operations are certified and we strictly adhere to current legislations, International and National Standards.


High standard of services to ensure Clients’ satisfaction, with top and cost-effective solutions.


Systematic quality control of all offered products and services, guaranteeing ACON’s quality and reliability.


With our expert knowledge of technology, we guarantee since 1997 the optimal technical solution for every need and application


Inspection and Maintenance of Firefighting equipment through a nationwide network of Branches and authorized agents.

With a nationwide network of Branches and authorized agents, we can serve our Clients and their facilities throughout Greece, as regards the Control and Maintenance of Firefighting Equipment, in full compliance with the requirements of current regulations, National and European Standards.

Our credibility is proven thanks to our specialized engineers with expert technical knowledge and many years of experience, guaranteeing the optimal technical and financial solution for any Client demand and application.

We constantly strive to satisfy our Clients, delivering our projects in line with International and National Standards, case-by-case technical specifications, safety regulations and good design.

Our quality goals are the systematic quality inspection of our offered products and services, the continuous improvement of quality and the standardisation of our processes.

Acon is the sole representative and supplier to the Greek Market of the Italian Brand ABS srl. Its product range, with a variety of technical specifications, meets even the most demanding fire safety applications using all types of firefighting equipment.

Acon is also the sole representative in the Greek Market of the Norwegian Brand NOHA, manufacturing well-designed high-quality Fire Safety Cabinets, certified in line with EN 671-1 with CE marking. The NOHA product range, with its variety of technical specifications, meets even the most demanding requirements in specialised Fire Safety installations.

Acon owns a station, certified and approved by the English Brand TYCO/MACRON, for the charging and recharging of fire suppression systems of the following types: FM-200 & NOVEC, ARGONITE, INERGEN and CO2.


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